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Reasons to Love Annapolis’s Carpet Cleaning Services

Due to the woolen and synthetic material used in manufacturing carpets, they are a great magnet for dirt and dust. If you have kids and/or pets in the house, you need to clean your carpet more frequently. The collection of pet fur, food, and color stains could give an impression of poor hygiene habits. But that’s not all, a dirty carpet could also be a source of severe allergies.

Annapolis Clean Carpet has been serving Maryland, especially Annapolis, Columbia, and Baltimore for years with top of the line carpet, rug, upholstery, and drapery cleaning for residential and commercial establishments. They are also involved in pet stain removal and water damage repair.  Let us have a look at the methods they follow in their carpet cleaning process.

dog on carpet

Thorough Vacuuming

It is best to vacuum before cleaning the carpets. You can do that yourself, or for an extra charge, Annapolis Clean Carpet can do that for you but it would be an extra charge.


This can be considered a pre-treatment.  This involves spraying the rug or carpet with a shampoo or a cleaning solution with a machine and then extracting the solution through vacuuming. Cleaning agents are usually used in their formulation to remove dust and stains from the fiber. They may also contain brighteners and deodorizers to give your carpet a fresh look and smell. Shampooing is an effective method but there could still be dirt and microbes after the cleaning. Annapolis Clean Carpet prefers steam cleaning because it is more effective but will pre-treat stained and soiled areas with environmentally friendly cleaners.

Steam Cleaning

This is a hot water extraction method that is considered the most effective of all. This involves using heavy-duty equipment to inject a solution of warm water and detergent into the carpet. The dirt and dust get mixed up with the chemicals that are then extracted by Annapolis Clean Carpet’s professionals through high-pressure machines. The most important part here is ensuring that the moisture has been removed that their staff always give priority to. By using the suction to extract the water, it also pulls out not only dirt, but bacteria and mildew. Most people find they breathe more freely and have fewer problems with allergies afterwards.

Other Methods

Aside from these carpet cleaning solutions, you may opt for additional services.  For example, you can ask Annapolis Clean Carpet to apply deodorizers so your rug smells like new or use a quality carpet sealant that will seal the top layer to prevent staining and preserve the color of the fabric.

As long as you are having your carpets cleaned, you should get pricing on your upholstery and drapes as well. If you are looking for a reliable and professional carpet cleaning service provider in Maryland, Annapolis Clean Carpet is a name to recommend. By now, you have some idea about what measures this reputable company can take to make your carpet as clean as new. If you are interested, you can learn more about their carpeting cleaning services by browsing their official website.

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Review of Petit Louis Bistro

A Classic French Bistro Eatery

Louis Bistro is an uptown eatery for an authentic French meal. It has an extensive and award-winning French Wine list. Its owners, Tony Foreman and Cindy Wolf have brought a piece of Paris to Baltimore with this nearly two-decade-old eatery. The eatery is known for the vibrant and lively Parisian atmosphere and renowned for its French and European cuisines. Located in Roland Park, this bistro is a popular food choice among the up-market crowds that frequent this place. Although noisy, the place doubles as a nice and cozy dining place, which only enhances the joie de vivre.

Exacting and Authentic: The Food

The wines list is an extensive list of vintages, different types, and prices to accompany the meals. Diverse wine selections are sourced from the wine-producing regions of France and go well with the classic kitchen. Petit Louis Bistro has a fixed price lunch. It serves the earliest brunches in town opening from 10:30 AM. The appetizers are priced from $10 to $21 and the entrée range from $15 to $30.

gravlax fish
The Gravlax fish dish is one of the most sought after at Petit Louis’

The Petit Louis Bistro Is Best Known for

  • Croque Monsieur
  • Gravlax
  • Trout Almondine
  • Wine List
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Lamb Steak
  • Onion soup

Must-Try at the Petit Louis Bistro


Pack a punch to flavorsome appetizers with shrimp and butternut squash beignets. These are shallow fried with a subtle taste and go very well with the saffron aioli. For something light, the beet salad is highly recommended with the Honeycrisp slices of apple, fresh chevre and beets drizzled with Dijon vinegarette and goat cheese. The eggplant Napolean is a good starter to begin with and a hot favourite at Petit Louis.


Like any typical Parisian bistro, the entrees are a highlight of the meal. For this, we suggest the duck confit and Lyonnaise potatoes. The duck meat is juicy with a perfectly crispy skin. For seafood, the roasted halibut is served with mushrooms, spiced carrot puree and Chive Beurre Blanc and is an absolute must-try. Another delectable delicacy was the cheesy Quiche Lorraine which had a creamy and velvety texture. The richness of the dish was courtesy Gruyere cheese.


For the sweet tooth,  the profiteroles have an unusual and irresistible salted caramel flavor topped with caramelized nuts. They zing up the plain old vanilla ice cream, pastry and chocolate sauce. The pear tart is one of the dessert features which must be tried for the subtle flavor and finesse that goes into making this sweet treat. To get a real taste of France, you must sample the Cheese cart at dessert.

What to Expect at Petit Louis Bistro

The Petit Louis Bistro is a fun yet very busy place. So it is highly recommended to make a reservation before you visit else you will have to wait out at the bar. Special diets catering to gluten-free options and vegetarian-friendly meals are also available. You can also avail private dining, free off-street parking and gift cards at the Bistro.

 A classic French breakfast at the Louis begins with French press coffee, Ouefs Poches, scrambled eggs with cheese or ham, Gravlax and pain perdu. For specials, duck eggs are served. Brunch is a typical serving of fruit preserves, fresh croissants, unsalted French butter and sea salt. The house cocktail which is a blend of elderflower and sparkling wine is a refreshing change from Mimosas which you can try. For a savory assortment even during the early opening hours, you can select from steak Frites, Croque Monsieurs, lamb steak and escargot.

Final Verdict

This is a great place to catch up with friends and family for an authentic French meal. Average ratings on popular sites like Tripadvisor have rated it 4.5 based on 322 reviews. Although a little crowded, the food quality is unparalleled. This eatery is worth every single penny for your visit.

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Review of Under Armour

If you are a fitness freak and also prefer appropriate apparel during your workouts then this brand is not unknown to you. Besides Puma and Nike, Under Armour also makes its name in the sports apparel market. Even if you aren’t a fitness freak, lots of people love their products. From sports shoes to t-shirts, shorts, pants, gym wear, you can get anything you want from Under Armour.

The company has supplied sportswear for over 24 years now and it generates around 5.2 billion US dollars in sales per year. Their classy and trendy footwear and sportswear will surely catch your eye. Under Armour competes with companies like Nike and Puma. If you are interested in knowing about Under Armour and its products then this article is for you. Here is a quick review of the brand and its products. Take a look.     

under armour logo

The History of Under Armour

The company started its manufacturing on September 25, 1996. The young, 24-year-old, football special team’s captain of the University of Maryland, Kevin Plank is the founder of this brand. The origin of this brand is truly inspiring as Kevin starts his business from his grandmother’s basement in Washington, D.C. And he used to travel the East Coast with his car trunk full of apparel. His original insight that allowed him to differentiate his products and gain a niche in the market was using breathable fabric that wicked away moisture. Now the company has its main corporate headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland. Everywhere you go in Baltimore, you see people wearing their products. Other additional regional headquarters are in London, Mexico, New York, Hong Kong, Paris, San Francisco, Toronto, and many more vital places in the world.      

The Products They Sell

Under Armour produces these following products for both men and women;

  • Bottom Wear
  • Outerwear
  • Shoes
  • Swimwear
  • Tops
  • T-Shirts
  • And Underwear

Outside of clothes and shoes they also sell belts, backpacks, water bottles, coolers, gloves, hats, sunglasses, headphones, and watches, etc. Each product is divided into 4 categories; men, women, boys, and girls. Recently, after the COVID-19 pandemic began, Under Armour also starts manufacturing quality and comfortable masks to use during sports and exercise. 

Why They are Different

Under Armour products are different from others as they have no elastane in it. Elastane is a material largely used in sports apparel to give them the required stretch and flexibility. But it retains moisture, and thus results in odor problems. Also, it requires more energy to dry, wears out fast, and cannot be easily recycled.

So, from 2014 Under Armour decides to reduce the usage of elastane in its products. They use upgraded thread texturing techniques and polymers to eliminate the need for elastane. The new Under Armour products are better, last longer, and are completely recyclable. This innovation is not only revolutionary for the brand but also for the clothing and sports industry. Under Armour even claims their products to be 100% recyclable.

Also, they use direct-to-product digital fabrication techniques. This eliminates the traditional manufacturing methods that create a lot of greenhouse gases. Also, it reduces water consumption as this direct fabrication does not go through the dyeing process.

The Bottom Line

Under Armour is a trusted brand and serving the youth for many years. They manufacture and sponsor clothes in sports like baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, etc. Their specialized gym wear is extremely comfortable during workouts. So, visit their official site on and choose your ready to gym looks now.

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Tio Pepe Restaurant Review

Tio Pepe is a Spanish and Mediterranean restaurant that serves some of the most authentic meals in Baltimore. They still serve some of the meals in their original menu from when they first opened back in 1952. Tio Pepe Restaurant is truly a top favorite among Baltimore locals, and for good reasons.

Extensive Wine List

If you enjoy wine to compliment your meals, you will love Tio Pepe’s extensive wine collection. Their wine list offers a broad range of wine types and categories to select from, so you can enjoy whatever kind of wine you fancy. Nothing suits fancy and elegant dining like a good wine to go with your meals.

You can even enjoy a bottle of wine from their “reserve” wine list. All of these wines are available upon request. You can view the complete list on their website.

If you’re not so much into wine, their bar also serves some of the best cocktails and liquors. Their Sangria is a favorite among locals. Furthermore, their bartender is an expert at mixing and preparing drinks, which also adds to the dining experience.

Cozy and Inviting Ambiance

The atmosphere at Tio Pepe’s is certainly unmatched. It’s the reason why thousands of people every year choose it as the place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and even weddings. It’s such a Baltimore classic. Delightfully painted brick walls and impressive Spanish art welcome you as you walk in. Once inside, you also can’t miss the signature food aroma that underscores decades of delicious cooking.

Tio Pepe is strategically located in downtown Baltimore. With plenty of parking space outside the restaurant, it won’t be such a hassle to drop by.

Solid, Authentic Menu

When you enter a restaurant, you expect top-notch food quality – that’s exactly what you’re going to get at Tio Pepe’s. Testimonials from frequent customers don’t lie. The restaurant serves some of the most authentic Spanish/Mediterranean cuisine in the area. Most popular dishes from their menu are Lobster Thermidor, Seafood Cocktail, Oysters Rockefeller, Seafood Paella, and the Roast Suckling Pig.

Their menu offers tons of dishes that might tickle your taste buds. The flavors are distinct and perfectly blended.

Outstanding Service

A good restaurant does not only mean good food. It entails a complete dining experience, which certainly includes excellent service. At Tio Pepe’s, you are greeted and served by their cheerful and skilled staff. Tio Pepe is run by a charming team of professionals who will go above and beyond to make your dining experience a memorable one.

Good Vegan Options

Although some of the bestselling entrees of Tio Pepe are meat-based, you can have a good time here even if you’re vegan. Their extensive menu is filled with vegetarian as well as vegan options that are still true to the Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine you’re after. If you’re looking for a place to dine out in Baltimore, definitely check out Tio Pepe’s. They have managed to sustain the exotic flavors and service quality over the years. Enjoy authentic Spanish and Mediterranean flavors at Tio Pepe Restaurant in Baltimore.